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Accelerate high-quality development, Hangzhou opens the Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Knowledge Service Center
2021-10-13 13:48

"The Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Knowledge Service Center"jointly built by Hangzhou Cross-Border E-commerce Comprehensive Test Zone,Xiaoshan District people's Government,Xiaoshan Economic and technological Development Zone and EBRUN has been officially completed,which aims to"bring together the global knowledge of cross-border e-commerce and help the development of cross-border e-commerce industry".

The"Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Knowledge Service Center"is an important landmark achievement for Hangzhou to build the first city of cross-border e-commerce in the country and the first-class in the world,and it will also become a new industrial landmark for the innovation and development of cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou.

As the country's first comprehensive cross-border e-commerce experimental area,Hangzhou has gone through an extraordinary six years.The Hangzhou experience of cross-border e-commerce with'six systems and two platforms'as the core has also been replicated and promoted to 104 other comprehensive test areas across the country. "Shi Huangkai said that last year,Hangzhou's cross-border e-commerce imports and exports exceeded 100 billion yuan,of which exports accounted for nearly 22%of foreign trade,fostering 133 new cross-border e-commerce brands.In September last year,Hangzhou,the Zhejiang free trade zone,was officially listed,marking a new stage of digital enabling free trade for cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou.

Zheng Min,chairman of EBRUN,said at the inauguration ceremony that Hangzhou has always been at the forefront of innovation in cross-border e-commerce,and Hangzhou's cross-border e-commerce enterprises are characterized by a high degree of knowledge-intensive.

"The construction of the Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Knowledge Service Center will continuously export the most cutting-edge knowledge of cross-border e-commerce,and exchange and discuss cross-border e-commerce innovation experience with the whole country and even the whole world.There are many cities with supply chain foundation,we need to allow cross-border e-commerce knowledge and experience to fully flow,the goal is to accelerate the high-quality development of foreign trade. "Zheng Min said.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the opening ceremony of the third China International Import Expo on November 4,2020: "China will accelerate the development of new business type's new models such as cross-border e-commerce and cultivate new momentum in foreign trade."Hangzhou has been at the forefront of cross-border e-commerce innovation and development.On March 7,2015,the State Council approved the establishment of the first comprehensive test zone in Hangzhou.On June 29 of the same year,Hangzhou held a conference on promoting the construction of a comprehensive experimental zone for cross-border e-commerce in China(Hangzhou).The first batch of 32 innovative measures landed,sounding the"advance bugle"for the comprehensive construction of the comprehensive experimental zone.Since then,Hangzhou cross-border e-commerce has created several"firsts"over the years:Regulations on the Cross-border E-commerce Promotion in Hangzhou,the country's first local cross-border e-commerce law,has been implemented in Hangzhou;the country's first cross-border e-commerce talent alliance was established in Hangzhou.The cross-border e-commerce export retail tax policy is also the first to try out in Hangzhou,and so on.The cross-border e-commerce"Hangzhou experience"has been fully affirmed and recognized by the State Council for many times,and has been promoted throughout the country many times.

Cross-border e-commerce is playing an important role in trade digitization with a new format,connecting the global demand side and the supply side,helping to form a new development pattern of domestic and international double cycle.Knowledge-intensive enterprises characterized by digital technology,digital content and high brand added value have become the main force in the high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce.Taking cross-border e-commerce supply chain competitiveness as an example,the construction of a"supply chain brain"based on big data and artificial intelligence technology requires accurate product knowledge graphs to predict sales and inventory,which can greatly reduce the cost of platform supply chain control,and can also greatly save the company's stocking costs.In addition,rich professional knowledge in domestic trade,e-commerce,retail industry and network marketing is also a first-mover advantage for enterprises to distribute cross-border e-commerce.

The advantages of China's supply chain are prominent,and cross-border e-commerce is in the ascendant.Knowledge and experience in policy,operation,technology and brand are the key factors that determine the efficiency,quality and status of development.Under the guidance of the idea of"the first city of cross-border e-commerce in China and the first-class global cross-border e-commerce",Hangzhou is committed to gathering knowledge-intensive enterprises and building a knowledge highland of cross-border e-commerce.Provide rich knowledge and experience for high-quality growth of global cross-border e-commerce.

It is understood that Hangzhou's"The Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Knowledge Service Center"is located at about 1200 square meters on the third floor of Building 4,Phase 6 of Hangzhou Bay Information Port,covering cross-border e-commerce global trend analysis,policy innovation achievements,double cycle path,digital change,etc.,with multiple functional areas,such as exhibition,exchange and training,policy convergence,etc.

"This is the knowledge living room of cross-border e-commerce.When you come to Hangzhou,you will be a guest.If you have any confusion,come and look for ideas,"said Yu Qian,head of Yibang Power Hangzhou. "Here,we will continue to export cross-border e-commerce knowledge and experience in Hangzhou.We will also often organize discussions on policy and industry cutting-edge knowledge,and connect all kinds of professional resources for everyone."

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