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Broadening International Vision to Achieve the Development of Going-out– Successful Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Summit Forum
2020-12-06 14:36

On the after of October 24,the Cross-border E-commerce Summit Forum of the 4th World Hangzhou Business Conference held by China(Hangzhou)Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone is opened in Intercontinental Hotel Hangzhou.The director of publicity department of Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone Office,grade-one research Wu Changhong participates in the event and delivers a speech.

The forum also invites the principal of regional development of Amazon global stores in China,Wang Xingwen,global development and operation director of AliExpress,Li Changbing,principal of Alibaba Taobao global shopping operation,Shen Xiaolei,and other guests to deliver themed speeches to share their latest research and practice harvest and the pre-judgement on the future development of cross-border e-commerce.The activity attracts more than 100 people in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Wu Changhong mentions in the speech that there has been a huge shock of the COVID-19 on the offline exhibition,oversea warehouse and terminal delivery,but Hangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone seizes the new opportunity of the popularizing online shopping,increasing consumption categories and the outbreak of“house economy”in oversea countries to start the series of precise promotion for enterprises.It implements preferential policies at the first time to push the timely recovery of production and business of cross-border e-commerce enterprises.7 new international cargo charter flights are opened,so there are total 14 charter flights from Hangzhou to the whole world.The cross-border e-commerce“9710”and“9810”business are started to achieve the full coverage of 4 modes of cross-border e-commerce.The cross-border e-commerce E trade festival is organized to enter into 15 local industrial belts with cross-border e-commerce platform and service suppliers,so as to push the profound combination between cross-border e-commerce and the real economy.Discover Hangzhou Silkroad Angle Broadcasting season is started.The cross-border e-commerce brand live base is built up,and 100 network celebrities are recruited from the whole world.It is provided with the running of accounts in the platform and the flow support of TikTok to help 100 enterprises to develop sales channels through the network celebrity marketing.In this January-August,Hangzhou achieves the total import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce of 69.46 billion yuan with the year-on-year increase of 19.61%,including 48.107 billion yuan for export and 21.353 billion yuan for import with the year-on-year increase of 18.46%and 22.3%respectively.The export accounts for 22.08%of the total export sum in the whole city.There are 6257 new cross-border export online shops,accounting for the new volume of 72.66%in the whole province.97 cross-border e-commerce brands are cultivated and there has been more than 200 cross-border e-commerce brands accumulatively.

Wu Changhong says, “The next step is that Hangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone would further innovation enlargement,service optimization and ecology perfection based on the mission task of“number one city in the country and the top in the world”,so as to push much more traditional foreign trade and manufacturing enterprises to develop international market and accelerate the going-out of brands with cross-border e-commerce to achieve the leapfrog development.As the first cross-border e-commerce comprehensive experimental zone in the country.Hangzhou has a“rainforest ecology”suitable for the entrepreneurship and innovation,so the Hangzhou businessmen at home and abroad are welcome to pay a visit and have investment and entrepreneurship.We will provide the“top environment and top service”to you all to help you achieve the dream of entrepreneurship and innovation.”

During the speech part,all guests carry out a comprehensive discussion on the policies,platform,import,finance,enterprises and talents related to cross-border e-commerce.Business director of Qianjiang customs shares the policies of import and export of cross-border e-commerce from customs service and supervision,and there is a key introduction to the mode innovation and its advantages of export of Qianjiang Customs cross-border e-commerce,so that enterprises with relevant need could have a full understanding on policies and the operation process of business carryout.

The principal of regional development of Amazon global stores in China,Wang Xingwen and the global development and operation director of AliExpress,Li Changbing have a discussion and decision on“conversation with the platform,where is the reassurance of Chinese sellers”.The principal of Alibaba Taobao global shopping operation,Shen Xiaolei has a deep interpretation on the content of“cross-border e-commerce import and brand development”.President of Hangzhou branch of Ping An Bank,Shi Bo,Tan Tie from Anzhi Trade,Hu Jiushu from Zhenhan Sports,founder of Fenghuo Cross-border,Guo Ru deliver themed speech from financial foreign exchange,enterprise transformation and personnel training,etc.

Finally,all guests have a communication and exchange with the presented in form of question and answer on site.

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