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Beginning of the 3rd Alibaba GDT Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
2020-12-05 20:50

Alibaba works with the construction leading team office of China (Hangzhou) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone to launch a 2020 Alibaba GDT Global Business Challenge with the theme of “global digital transformation solutions under the epidemic”.

In April 2020,the COVID-19 has been extending to the world.Alibaba works with the construction leading team office of China(Hangzhou)Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone to launch a 2020 Alibaba GDT Global Business Challenge with the theme of“global digital transformation solutions under the epidemic”.It calls for the young people and college students in the world to refer to digital economy development mode in China and trains them to solve all kinds of social dilemmas caused by the epidemic with digitalized thinking to welcome the economy recovery and soaring after the epidemic.The competition is launched in 14 countries and regions,and more than 1900 teams with more than 8000 members sign up for the event.The competition is greatly supported by all governments,especially the Ministry of Education of Cambodia,Ministry of Economy of Mexico,MDEC of Malaysia.It attracts the attention and voting of nearly 60,000 people in the world and it also gains an extensive social influence.

The outbreak of the epidemic brings a huge shock to the global economy.Cross-border e-commerce should be applied to push the development of real economy to accelerate the forming of a new pattern of domestic and international dual circulation and mutual promotion,which is extremely meaningful.During the epidemic,Chinese cross-border e-commerce has a strong momentum of development against the trend.The prosperous development of cross-border e-commerce provides opportunity and challenge for the going-out of Chinee brands.The key of large-scaled going-out of Chinese brand is the“localized”refining running,which needs the participation of internationalized talents who are familiar with local language,market and rules,so as to provide new blood for Chinee brands to march to the new period of globalization and localization.

The large-scaled digitalized transformation wave has been aroused in the world.The gradual improvement of digital economic infrastructure provides much more possibility for the youth entrepreneurship.Besides,the technical support of digitalized innovation and the empowerment of cross-border supply chain,payment,logistics and e-commerce platforms would greatly reduce the threshold and risk of young people's innovation and Entrepreneurship.In the 5thGlobal Cross-border E-commerce Summit in November 24,the 3rdAlibaba GDT Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is officially launched with the ceremony of the Global Youth to Have“Slight”Entrepreneurship in Hangzhou.It hopes to call for the global youth to focus on the entrepreneurial opportunities of Hangzhou,the capital of digital economy,and devote to the digitalized innovation and entrepreneurship,aiming to find out much more internationalized talents and quality projects to assist the going-out of foreign trade enterprises and Chinese brands for the innovation development.Meanwhile,it would show the“Hangzhou Experience”of digital innovation center and leader of Chinese enterprises to tell a good story about China.

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