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New Way of Cross-border E-commerce of Fuyang Shangguan, Hometown of Racket in China
2020-12-05 20:33

Since the beginning of the 1970s,Fuyang Shangguan is one of four production bases of rackets in China.

Since the beginning of the 1970s,Fuyang Shangguan is one of four production bases of rackets in China.The annual output is 100 million rackets,accounting more than 80%of market share within the country.The products are sold to Europe,Asia,America and other 70 countries and regions.It has been granted as“Hometown of Racket in China”, “Export Base of Racket in China”and other honors.With the development of more than 40 years,there are nearly 300 manufacturing enterprises of rackets and accessories in Shangguan.The industrial output value of racket in 2019 is 900 million yuan and the self-operated export volume is 75.34 million yuan,so it has been the important town of foreign trade export in Fuyang.There is a completed production chain from raw materials,parts to finished products in the area.In 2019,Shangguan successively built up the first environmental protection production line of using water-based paint racket spraying in China to customized watery paint exclusive for Shangguan.The innovation and green degree of the rackets in Shangguan have been greatly improved.

On October 22,2020,a cross-border service team formed by Hangzhou Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone Office,Ebrun and its platform and service organization enters into Fuyang.Government,platforms and service suppliers raise suggestions for all the problems met by the enterprises.

Hu Jingjie from Fenghuo Cross-border:Seen from the Google trend(the data of past five years),the products has no obvious seasonality;however,seen from the keepa curve of several top products(the data since the launch of product B00FPQQIAA),from the first October to the next February is in slack season,and the January is the bottom;while the April-August is in boom season,and the June and July are in the peak.Hence,we should master the timing well.

For the difficulty in warehousing in foreign countries,director of BOSM Business,Liu Rui,suggests that there should be prejudgment to the market and then the production period should match with shipping data to ensure that the goods could be put into warehouse in time.

According to the sales data in Amazon,in the category of sports,elliptical trainers and dumbbell stool are in good sales with high profit.Sunny Zhou from Amazon emphasizes, “There is no pricing right in traditional foreign trade since the fate of enterprises are decided by merchants;while cross-border e-commerce is an end-to-end trade,so it could be access to consumers directly.The 50-70 years old consumers would also prefer to have online shopping,so the consumption group are widening.”She even reminds enterprises that“you should ensure the inventory when the online sales is so high.”

“The e-commerce shopping in Southeast Asia and Taiwan is tend to be social one,so internal+ external channels marketing is the wining secret of brands.”Wang Chengzheng of Shopee says to all businessmen. “There should be four running skills for brand sellers.The first one is basic running.Sellers should master the product updating,shop decoration,logistics logic,marketing tools and customer service skill.The second one is the station events.Sellers should learn to run the free-delivery event,bidding within second,promotion in platform and theme events.Then there is the brand promotion within the website.Sellers should master the functions of searching advertisement with key words,broadcasting in the website and WE Taobao.The final one is the brand promotion out of the website.There are some promotion platforms out of the websites,and sellers need to choose the suitable one to have a profound study.

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