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Hangzhou ComprehensivePilotArea Achieved Ten Big Experience andResults in Five Years
2020-12-05 14:46

Since its establishment in March 2015,Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Area,the first cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area in China,has continuously innovated the development mode and vigorously promoted the liberalization,facilitation,and standardized development of cross-border e-commerce.Today,Hangzhou has become a benchmark for 105 cities with comprehensive pilot areas in China,providing the replicable and promotable experience for the healthy development of cross-border e-commerce.Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Area shows its ten big achievements in five years since its establishment——

1.National replication of top-level design architecture

Built a policy system and management system for the development of cross-border e-commerce with"six systems and two platforms"as the core

2.The most comprehensive digital surveillance model in China

Introduced a list of 113 innovative institutions in three series

Implemented the first local regulation on promoting cross-border e-commerce in China

Built the"Integrated Service Platform for Import Customs Clearance", "Monitoring System for Commodity Quality,Safety and Risk"and"Public Quality Assurance Platform for Cross-border Retail Import"

Set up the first cross-border trade court of the Internet in China

Took the lead in carrying out cross-border e-commerce"small package export", "direct-mail import", "online shopping bonded import",cross-border B2B export,and special regulatory zones export

Took the lead in realizing the full coverage of four modes of cross-border e-commerce B2B export,and establishing a regulatory business model covering both B2B and B2C cross-border e-commerce

3.The most complete service system of the digital platform

Took the lead in building the first online comprehensive service platform in the field of cross-border e-commerce in China,with a total of 10,812 enterprises filing on the platform

4.The vitality of the digital transformation of government-enterprise linkage industry is the best

Launch the special action to promote the development of foreign trade on the Internet every year

The joint platform held"Double Products to the Sea"with Alibaba International Station, "Jingrui Merchants"with AliExpress, “Global Stores and Direct Purchase Conference with Amazon and other brand activities

Guided 15 leading enterprises of the cross-border e-commerce industry to go online and promote the digital transformation of 13 offline parks

5.The soundest international cooperation mechanism of cross-border e-commerce

Took the lead in building the eWTP experimental area,landing the eWTP Secretariat,launching the first eWTP public service platform in the world,and carrying out the eWTP digital customs clearance supervision pilot

Integrated 95 overseas cooperation parks,cooperation centers,cooperation sites,and overseas warehouse resources of 38 countries(regions)to build the network for cross-border e-commerce overseas service

6.Took the lead in building a global central warehouse mode of cross-border e-commerce

Relying on Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone,we will explore the"same warehouse storage"of non-bonded goods and bonded goods,the"same warehouse allocation"of export trade and import trade,the"same warehouse delivery"of small trade and bulk trade,and the"same warehouse integration"of the foreign trade and domestic trade

7.Took the lead in launching the import and export goods return and exchange mode of cross-border e-commerce

Succeeded in carrying out bonded export package return and exchange business,cross-border e-commerce export overseas warehouse retail business in special regions,and charter flights export package return business under 9610 mode

The first to introduce a new mode of returning imported packages for cross-border e-commerce retail in the whole country

8.The first to try applying the cross-border e-commerce export retail tax policy

In 2015,Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Area put forward the policy of"Tax-free Without Invoice",which was approved by the relevant national ministries and commissions for early and pilot testing.

On January 1,2020,Hangzhou Comprehensive Pilot Area is the first to launch cross-border e-commerce retail export enterprise income tax in China

9.Built a global leading cross-border payment and settlement system

Alipay,Lianlian Pay,NetEase Pay,JollyPay,Coralglobal,BonPay,and other world-renowned cross-border payment gatherings.Lianlian and PingPong have become the largest third-party cross-border payment platform.

10.Took the lead in establishing a multi-level cross-border e-commerce talent cultivation mode

Compiled cross-border e-commerce talent standards and the list of talents in short supply

The first batch of cross-border e-commerce undergraduate majors in China was approved

Launched the first set of cross-border e-commerce teaching materials in China

Formed the first cross-border e-commerce talent alliance in China

Innovated the cultivation mode of China(Hangzhou)cross-border e-commerce college

Carried out multi-level training for leading talents,elite talents,and practical talents

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